Welcome to the world's biggest Commodore 64 preservation database.

Currently containing 301,093 D64-files and 995,823 PRG-files.

Please donate your old floppy disks and help us preserve our childhoods.


CommodoreDb Toolshed

Windows application for preserving and accessing all data in the database. Seamless integration with the emulator VICE.

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Microsoft .NET Framework 4

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Bits of information

Currently CommodoreDb supports D64 and PRG. Planned support for TAP, T64, ADF. All D64-files are completely indexed and directories are searchable.

All D64-files are completely indexed and directories are searchable. Any D64 and PRG-file can be analyzed down to the last bit using the software CommodoreDb Toolshed. Configured correctly you can also run games and demos directly in the excellent emulator VICE.

CommodoreDb is developed and financed by Mikael Lilja aka Oxidy/FairLight. You're very welcome to help out with floppy disk donations, disk space and bandwidth costs.

Verified C64 Games

The preserved C64-disks in CommodoreDb contains thousands of old games that are a part of many people's childhoods. These binary files however can be found in many different versions, releases and with various trainers and overall functionality. Therefor, a verification system is being implemented. All games flagged as OK, will be searchable and runnable with ease, for your full retro gaming experience.

This section is work in progress, but expect it soon.

Please, if you have your old disks in the garage or basement, and you don't feel you're going to need it, please send them to CommodoreDb for preservation. Before it's too late and the information is lost. Your disks might have some release or production not yet preserved.

Feel free to mail me if you have any questions or feedback.